Ten Points To Think About When Having A Swimming Pool Built By A Contractor

Shop li
ke you would buying a car.
·      Swimming pools are individual construction projects and are built by many individual trades and swimming pool contractors with different standards.  All pools are not constructed the same, unlike a car which is mass-produced in a factory under exact conditions.  A swimming pool much of what you do not see will impact the cost of swimming pool ownership as most of the work is behind the swimming pool tiles.
Ask questions?
·      Do not assume every Swimming Pool builder is going to give you a tutoring about constructing a swimming pool or is capable of giving you one.  Ask about reinforcement bar, ask about tile thickness, ask about pump room materials and manufacture make and model of pumps and equipment.  The more you know and understand about constructing a swimming pool the better buyer you will be.  This helps you and your swimming pool contractor. Do your homework. Do your research!
Getting swimming pool quotations.
·      This is when someone gets 5-10 estimates for building a swimming pool in Pattaya and then can't make a decision because they have become so confused.  Do your homework and get 2 or 3 estimates from swimming pool companies.  Then make your decision and go with it.  Also be aware that most Pool companies in Pattaya do not have staff and will sub-contract to a local Thai team, this is where problems satrt as your contract maybe different to the contract passed on to the sub-contractor.
Ask to meet the building team before they start work.
·      Will the same team be working on your Thailand swimming pool from start to finish?  A simple question but by dealing with the same contractors and site Foreman can reduce any simple communication problems during pool construction.  Most builders in Thailand will sign the contract with you then sub contract the job to someone else.
Shopping based on price.
·      You usually get what you pay for!  A famous saying normally used by companies with large overheads, offices, staff, company cars and holidays.  The customer’s swimming pool quotation will have all of the above costs included in the building your pool.
Contacting your pool builder.
·      Use email to get to know your builder and see how they respond to you.  Is the phone answered? Are your emails returned promptly?  Visit the swimming pool builder at their office/home or have them come to your villa to provide you with an estimate.  A good contractor may have photos or brochures showing the team at work or previous swimming pool works.
Not reading contracts.
·      Make sure you understand what you are getting into. Make sure everything is in writing. It is very difficult to change/cancel a contract with many contractors after the obligatory 3-day rescission period. The contract is in place to protect you and the swimming pool contractor.
Additional items to think about.
·      Skimmer, infinity edge or overflow pool – location of outside shower – location of the pump room and storage of pool cleaning and maintenance products including a secure lock – lighting inside the pool using the correct voltage or lights around the pool – children’s area – Jacuzzi - swimming pool steps built in or a galvanized metal set - color of your swimming pool grout grey or white.  Are they using piling foundations and if so how many and what depth and width plus the type of reinforcement bar being using.
·      A few points to consider and talk to your pool builder about!
Not thinking about safety issues.
·      Swimming pools can be a great place to have fun, exercise, and just enjoy life.  They can also be dangerous.  Make sure you have thought about barriers and fencing or building the pool slightly out of the ground.  More importantly, make sure you protect the people using the pool.

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