From our experience we are providing below some important issues and errors home owners make when having a swimming pool built.

  • Do NOT use the builder that is renovating or building your house unless you have seen examples of their pool building work and confirmed with their previous customers that the pool is of good quality with no problems.  A strong and successful swimming pool building company will have many pool examples and previous customers that they can introduce you to.

  • Do NOT use glass beads - pebblecrete - glass bubbles - glass pebbles as a swimming pool finish.  It will discolor quickly and start to show signs of becoming loose within the water.  If you do have to use this finishing then you must also install a salt water system and you should not pay anything more than 300-500 baht per square meter for labor and materials.  Some pool companies offer this because its cheap and very quick to install thus increasing their profit margin.

  • Do NOT use mosaics tiles that measure less than 2cm x 2cm They will become loose over time and if vacuumed up by an unprofessional poolman/company then you may have tiles stuck in the pipe system in turn causing blockages in pipes and very expensive remedial works to your pool.

  • Do NOT try to convert your skimmer swimming pool to an overflow pool.  It may lead to future problems with pool cracking and water loss.  If your skimmer pool works well now then leave it as it is, if your skimmer pool leaks water from the skimmer box then attempting a conversion to overflow on the side of the skimmer box can be done.

  • Extending pool height/depth – this will over time lead to cracks in the tiles/pool finish and may also have future water leak problems and mistakes.

  • Do NOT use a pool company/agent that does NOT have their own staff.  This may lead to disagreements and very expensive prices for extras or changing the specifications of the agreed pool drawing as the sub-contractor may “cut corners” and reduce the quality of the materials to increase profit.

  • 90% of pool companies in Pattaya use sub-contractors to do their work and therefore do not have full control over your pool project which in turn will lead to problems.

  • Don’t opt for the cheapest swimming pool equipment - always ask the supplier for a price list of spare parts for future reference.  Some shops offer Australian made swimming pool products that will be available in Thailand only 1- 3 years then will be discontinued therefore leaving you having to buy new pool equipment.  In our experience these pool products will have a very high price to repair equipment.  Ask your swimming pool builder for a spare parts list of all the equipment that they will be installing for you!

Why Choose Us?
10 year construction warranty
Fully trained staff
High quality materials
Daily construction updates
NO sub-contractors
Equipment training
Unique designs/sizes
Automatic systems
No hidden extras

Hayward Aqua-rite salt system
 Hayward Salt System 
From 45,000 THB

 Hayward Super Swimming Pool Pump
 Hayward Super Pump  
From 15,000 THB

Hayward Pro Sand FIlter
 Hayward Sand Filter 
From 12,000 THB

Hayward Super II Swimming Pool Pump
 Hayward Super II Pump 
From  20,000 THB
Emaux SC Swimming Pool Pump 
  Emaux SC Series Pump 
From 9,000 THB
LED pool lights
 LED Pool Lights 
From 3,000 THB
Emaux Salt Unit
 Emaux Salt Unit 
From 22,000 THB
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