Eakmongkol Village - Pattaya

5m x 3m swimming pool

Swimming pool excavation starts
Mini digger used for narrow access
Creating the shape of the pool
Excavation continues
mMarking the pool on the ground
Excavation complete
Swimming pool slope formation
Break time
Swimming pool block work
Swimming pool metal work
Swimming pool uPVC pipe work
Double checking all the metal works
Concrete floor base being poured
Concrete swimming pool base
Swimming pool base complete
Concrete pool shuttering started
Props for the pool shuttering
Swimming pool tiling - Mui Fah
Swimming pool tiling complete
Sand-wash around the swimming pool
Testing swimming pool chemicals
Testing swimming pool chlorine level
Shower with pump room
Pump room inc hot water shower
20 year construction warranty
Fully trained staff
High quality materials
Daily construction updates
NO sub-contractors
Equipment training
Unique designs/sizes
Automatic systems
No hidden extras
Pool Chemicals 
 Swimming Pool Chemicals 
From 150 THB
 Hayward Super Pump  
From 17,500 THB
Hayward Aqua-rite salt system
 Hayward Salt System 
From 40,000 THB
  Emaux SC Series Pump 
From 10,000 THB
 Hayward Super II Pump
 Hayward Super II Pump 
From  21,000 THB
 LED Pool Lights 
From 4,000 THB
Emaux Salt Unit
 Emaux Salt Unit 
From 27,000 THB
Emaux Sand Filter
 Emaux Sand Filter 
From 7,500 THB


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